DC Microgrid Technology


Optimized Energy Flows Between Resources and Loads

Bosch has developed a novel DC microgrid system that synchronizes onsite distributed generation (solar PV and energy storage) directly to energy-efficient building loads (DC lighting, ventilation, and motors) via a 380 V nominal DC network. This system eliminates the use of AC/DC rectifiers at the loads and reduces the need for DC/AC inverters that are currently required to interconnect solar PV to the electric utility. The reduction in power conversion equipment eliminates frequent points of failure in the system making the overall system more efficient (7-10% increase in efficiency) and reliable and reduces maintenance costs. Resiliency is provided by connecting critical DC loads during grid outages directly with the generation sources on the DC network, without requiring expensive transfer switch equipment.

Bosch Components

Bosch offers turnkey DC microgrid solutions including Bosch and 3rd party equipment, design, engineering, installation, commissioning and maintenance services to customers looking for holistic solutions.

Bosch Bi-directional Power Server
Supplement power from the utility grid to power DC loads when insufficient energy is available from on-site resources This also allows the DC loads to remain operational at all times.

Convert any excess PV energy not needed by the DC loads to AC power and power AC loads or export to grid.

Through a proprietary Bosch-patented control methodology, keep the PV array operating at the maximum power point, ensuring optimum utilization of the PV investment.

Bosch DC Drivers
Bosch LED drivers provide DC power to LED fixtures at required voltage and operate at 98% efficiency. With a significantly longer life than AC driver, they provide cost saving in upfront installation as well as maintenance costs.

Bosch DC Lighting Panel and Circuit Breaker
The Bosch Lighting Panel is the point of connection between the on-site PV array and the DC loads. It includes all the DC circuit breakers required for safe operation of the PV array and the lighting fixtures.

Bosch DC Controller
The Bosch DC Microgrid controller has the capability to integrate power and data via Power Line Communication (PLC) providing cost savings with no intermediate routers and no additional wiring for controls. Additionally, using the Power Line Communication (PLC) for wireless access and control will enable managing the controls at each individual LED lighting fixture.

Bosch DC microgrid Cloud
The Bosch DC microgrid cloud provides real times energy monitoring and controls for all the DC loads in the facility. Customers can access and controls device in the facility through multiple interfaces (mobile, computer, etc).

Safety Codes and Certifications

Reduced risk of shock or fire as compared to 277 V AC systems

The 380V DC microgrid is designed to be safer than 208-277 V AC systems when it comes to electrical shock. This is accomplished by implementing a High Resistance Midpoint Ground (HRMG) configuration in the system. During normal operation this configuration never actually allows the line to ground bus voltages to exceed +200VDC and -200VDC and therefore cutting the DC bus line voltages in half. During a fault situation (line to ground), the midpoint grounding resistors limit the amount of current that can flow to ground through the faulting device to IEC Zone II safety levels.