Bosch Facility at Plymouth

In the Bosch facility at Plymouth, the DC Microgrid team demonstrated the significant benefits of the DC microgrid platform relative to conventional AC grid systems by distributing as much solar power as possible to DC loads, while inverting only the excess power to AC for either distribution to the AC loads in the facility or for export to the utility grid.

The installation includes:

  • (139) 200W DC LED fixtures
  • (4) 18’ industrial fans
  • (1) AC/DC Power Server
  • (1) DC Lighting Panel
  • (1) 30kW Bi-Directional Inverter to excess PV power to the grid in the event of over generation from the PV system.
    74kW Rooftop PV System
  • (1) Bosch Alva Control Panel. Controls and manages energy usage and electricity flow
  • (1) 30kWh Lead Acid battery for emergency lighting use.

This system will also demonstrate the capability to meet NEC code requirements for emergency lighting support.