American Honda Motor Company – Distribution Center

Bosch DC Microgrid team is currently deploying a highly efficient, commercial-scale Direct-Current Building- Scale Microgrid Platform (Bosch DC microgrid) in an American Honda Motor Co., Inc., parts distribution center in Chino, CA.

The installation will include:

  • 300 KW solar PV array on the roof to provide energy to the DC loads and critical AC loads in the facility.
  • 600 DC LED high bay-lighting fixtures with a total load of 120 KW that are Title 24 compliant and also provide the emergency lighting support for the building.
  • 5540 kWh of energy storage that can provide energy for demand charge reduction and for critical loads during grid outages, absorb PV power at critical times to avoid over-generation, and enable
  • 111 existing industrial ceiling fans that will be retrofit with VFDs accepting DC input and will change speed based on the output of the solar array.
  • 12 fork-lift chargers that will enable charging of regular fork-lift batteries from the DC Bus and also have the ability to discharge any fully charged fork-lift batteries into the building grid when needed to reduce peak load or during grid outages.
  • Bosch Power servers connected to the utility grid.
  • Bi-directional inverters to export excess PV power back to the grid during periods when the DC loads are turned off and the storage system is full.

Demonstration site: Roof top PV array