Lighting Controls

Current Conventional Lighting Controls Solution

Lighting controls are currently provided either through wired or wireless controls solutions requiring additional infrastructure to enable lighting controls. The additional wiring and equipment results in additional installation and maintenance costs for multiple control panels, switches, gateways and other equipment.

Bosch Integrated Lighting Controls

Bosch DC Lighting Controls are enabled using power line communications on the DC bus. As the DC bus is a closed dedicated circuit, the lighting controls signals are subject to far less interference and the capability of having two way communication with each individual lighting fixture and disruptions as compared to other wired and wireless controls systems. It additionally provides cost-effective emergency lighting with demand-response potential, and creates a low-cost and reliable building sensor networkkthat enables additional value-add building features such as HVAC energy/comfort optimization, all while reducing the up-front costs compared to conventional lighting controls systems.

Advanced lighting control features of Bosch DC Microgrid are fully integrated in a DC system at the lowest cost.