Emergency Lighting

Conventional Emergency Lighting System

A centralized conventional emergency lighting system requires dedicated circuits and an AC battery inverter with transfer switches. The position of the emergency lights path is fixed and cannot be changed. This system also has high capital costs.

In a distributed emergency lighting system, dedicated individual lights have batteries built into them. These dedicated lights are the only designated emergency lights and any change in egress strategy results in significant modification costs. This system has lower upfront costs as compared to the centralized system but it has high maintenance cost esp. with high bay lights.

Bosch Emergency Lighting Solution

In the Bosch certified emergency lighting system, all and/or any lights can act as emergency lighting. As the emergency lights in the network are designated using configurable software, this gives the customer the flexibility to change the egress and emergency lighting requirements as required for the situation. The emergency lighting network can be created in the DC lighting system with the simple addition of batteries. The batteries can provide additional power for peak load reduction strategies while meeting the requirements of UL 924 for emergency lighting.